how to add your car

How to add your car on the members rides page.
Go to the main topic page that you want to add, for instance, if you want to add your car to Members Rides, Go to the Members Rides page.

On the upper right side, there is a box "Page Toolbox" "On This page you can":
Select "add a new page"

A pop up box will pop up, Name your page: (keep it short) example: "Blizzards Mustang"

Add Key words that a Google search might hit on:
example: "Ford 351C Mustang Road Race"

Then, to make things easy pick a template from that drop box, I use the "Members Ride" (That way I don't have to set up fonts etc.) You will notice that your page will then be created!

Select the Easy Edit button on the UPPER LEFT just above your page name.

Now just editmy existing text to your words.

Here is a tricky thing about this Wetpaint site!
-if you are going to cut and paste text onto the page, FIRST type 2 letters onto the page,( I use 2 x's because they are easy to spot and remove) then insert your pasted text between those 2 letters, otherwise it will 'f' up everything.

Hit the return key to move the flashing curser to the next line to add pictures.

To add pictures, on the Easy edit toolbar, there is an image button. it works like the photobucket on the forum.

You select "image", then browse your computer to find your picture. Select the picture you want from the pop up box on your computer and click on "open" you will see that its been added to that image box.

Then click "add Image" easy!! ???
It takes a few moments to upload, if the picture seems way too big for the page, there are plus and minus buttons, before you hit the "Done" button resize the pix so that it will fit on the page.

-If you get the little pic box (about 1/2 inch square)with nothing there try again, this software is a bit clunky, and you may have to try a different picture. when you are all done adding pictures and text just hit save.

-Should you want to add more later just open it using the easyedit button. Which you can on any other page on this site also.

If you goof up and everything gets f'd up, don't worry, just hit the cancel button and you will be back to where you started.

Now that you have created your page, you must link it.

Go to the Members Rides page again,using the "Easy edit" button, edit the page,'

go to the bottom "members ride" on the list, RIGHT click on that members car, a pop up box will pop up, select "add a ROW".

Type your name and car on that new row, adjust font size to match using the tool bar, hit enter and you should be ready to link it.

To link your page, wash over your text, holding down the left mouse button, when it is all "lit up" click on the "LINK" button on the tool bar.

Another box pops up: Find Page click on "Find Page" to yep, find your page. click on your page from the list, and hit "Add Link" you have linked your page

Then SAVE using the Save button on the easyedit tool bar.

Yet another pop up box: "edit Note";

If you edit a page other than your own, it is polite to add an edit note, (I fixed your 3rd grade grammar) otherwise you can just select the save or skip edit note button

Congratulations, you made it to the bottom of my tutorial, you deserve a beer or a straitjacket!!

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