XE Parts

Ford XE and SK Parts List

SK = "sketch"
XE = "experimental engineering engine and foundry "
ASK = on documents it usually meant "assemble sketch ######" . on actual parts it may have meant "advanced sketch ( prototype)"
XH = outside vendor
RX = possibly research prototype
O.S.A. appearing on documents meant "otherwise same as..."
XE-27461 2X4 Y block intake ,sand cast, dual plane , this number was cast in . S.A. XE-32231#9
XE-32231$9 S.A. XE-27461 this number was stamped in

XE-93523 351W Block, "David Pearson" 9.2 deck 4 bolt mains on center 3 caps # cast in 100 % certainty source
XE-121643 SOHC FE427 Block, Cammer; painted # , 100% certainty
XE 143079 302 Tunnel port rocker shaft stand , etched ,100% certainty
XE-143081 302 Tunnel port rocker shaft spacer , etched , 100% certainty.
XE-146476 BOSS 429 Gilmer pulley,oil pump ( dry sump front half of pan) # is unverified
XE-146762 BOSS 429 Oil Pan, front section which contains a sump pump , # has not been verified
XE-148003 BOSS 429 dual gear oil pump housing # is unverified
XE-148826 BOSS 429 dual gear oil pump lid ,steel, # is unverified
XE-149468 BOSS 302 Intake dual carb mid rise 4500 series "Dyno Don"
XE-151445 351C Intake Tri power single plane 4V heads
XE-192540 351C Block, "Australian ", cast in , heavy webs 100% certainty .various sources this is one of the most famous and well known of perhaps all xe part numbers
XE-193476 400 Intake,Spreadbore 4 barrel intake to fit 400 ford "police interceptor " package 2v port sizes # cast in .
XE-193477 400 EGRValve, 400;stamped in ink 100% certainty ,sub assembly of part above.
XE-193478 400 EGR Valve, 4v intake cast in 100% certainty
XE-??424? 302 Cyl Head, Shaft rocker tunnel port 302 head, cast in , 0% certainty on the whole #
XE-244963 289-302 Alloy Cyl head canted valve
SK-147752 BOSS 429 Valve Covers Magnesium
SK-244963 SOHC FE 427 Piston, Cammer piston , stamped in ink , 100% certainty
SK-24520 SOHC FE Piston, Cammer piston , stamped in ink , 100% certainty
SK-31635 FE 427 Cyl Head, 427 cast in , 100% certainty e:NHRA
SK-35369 FE 427 Cyl Head, 427 cast in , 100% certainty
SK-37015-MOD std bore 427 pistons domed , "cloverleaf" pin bosses
SK-37080 FE Cyl Head, Tunnel port, head as was used on Lemans winning GT40's 100% certainty on number which was cast in source dove performance
SK-41742 429 Intake, Aluminum 3 2 bbl intake manifold to suit 429 ford number cast in 100% certainty
SK-42157 FE Block, Can-Am used on RX 402 Can-Am project. 100% certainty ,source dove performance
SK-42167 351C Block, Aluminum Jeff Burgy's
SK-42478 494 Block, Can-Am block , # is cast in block,not certain of the last number it could also be a 3 instead of an 8
SK-42469 BOSS 429 Intake, Box Ram Bud Moore style
SK-45895 BOSS 429 Intake Manifold Dual 4500 series Dominator carbs Independent runner design
SK-46020 can-am aluminum block "final generation "
SK-46250351C Block, Siamese bore, cast iron, heavier main webs than common Cleveland blocks
SK-46368 BOSS 429 Intake, Single plane ,dominator flange , D port , aluminum intake Buddy Bar ,100% certainty on # which is cast in. Same as XH 10117
SK-46552 351c rod bearings 04/69 date code exact same profile as clevite cb927p
SK-48991 351C Connecting Rods, rods made on DOAE forging machine ,specially heat treated , or shotpeened, or both , could also be a different material than 1041H .has 7/16 bolts like TransAm B302 rods with the same fastener, which is splined.
SK-56840 351C Block Possible NSACAR block?
ASK-6866 Nodular Main Caps, for ASK-6878 block; dowelled ,100% certainty on # source : personal collection (joe)
ASK-6878 351C Block, Siamese bore, cast iron, heavier main webs than common Cleveland blocks but not solid like the xe-192540, additional water passage tapped and plugged on drivers side, screw in core plugs, 100% certainty on #
ASK-7499 351C Block, Iron, siamese bore,webbing like typical Cleveland block-dowelled 4 bolt mains 100% certainty on #
ASK-7598 Pistons 351C Pop-Up forged Pistons
ASK-7973 BOSS 302 Intake, dual carb mid rise holley flanges
XH-10022 BOSS 302 Intake, Bud Moore Mini Plenum 2 piece
XH-10025 BOSS 429 Intake, Cross Ram "Mini Plenum" Bud Moore Style
XH-10089 351C Crankshaft, Forged steel 100% certainty on # Dan Jones personal collection.
fastener requires an allen "super tork" socket mac tools sells a socket which is very close but not identical. the super tork has been out of production for some time.
X-Pushrod 351C A 351C with criss-cross pushrods built by Smokey Yunick