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I have attached a photo of our 110 pump and our 220 pump. The 110 pump is a street/strip pump designed for engines up to about 560 hp. It has a fixed pressure of about 6.5 psi and requires no regulator. The 220 is a race/pro-street pump for engines up to about 1150 hp and has adjustable pressure (about 6 to 12 psi). A regulator is required for racing applications. More info is available on our website.

Thanks, Robb

Responding to a question regarding HP load on engine to operate, Robb wrote:
The peak load on the arm, (and thus the loads on the eccentric, timing chain etc) is determined by the fuel pressure put out by the pump. The arm compresses a spring and it is the spring which actually pushes the fuel out of the pump. The stiffer the spring, the higher the pressure, and thus, the higher the load on the arm.

The 110 pump pressure is about 6 psi so the loads are similar to a stock pump. HP to operate is also about the same. The added flow rate is due to increased efficiency.

The 110 pump volume is greater than a stock pump because there are six valves instead of two and the inlet and outlet ports are much freer flowing.

The 220 gph pump has adjustable pressure. If you adjust the pressure to 12 psi the loads are about double a stock pump. However, most 220 pumps are used on cars that don't see a lot of miles. If you run a 220 on a street car because your engine produces over 560 hp, you can lower the fuel pressure when running around town and increase it when making a full pass. However, I have yet to see any problems with running the pump at 12 psi, even on a daily driver.
Ford 110 Part Number 1020
RobbMc Fuel Pump - Clevelands Forever!

Ford 220 Part Number 1021

RobbMc Fuel Pump - Clevelands Forever!

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