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Magazine Articles

Magazine Articles - Clevelands Forever!
This book is still available, therefore I will not post any articles from it.
If you are into Cleveland's, you must own this book. Required reading for Cleveland 101 class.

Hot Rod magazine reports on the Ford & Mercury small block "Clevelands" of the 1970s, covering affordable performance, 351C tune-up, bolt-ons for the Boss, 600 HP 351, NASCAR preparation, AK Miller's & Bud Moore's power secrets, and more.

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Magazine Articles - Clevelands Forever!
This Is the Ford OHO Newsletter it is actually a compilation of all the newsletters that came out from Jan '72-The Final issue "spring" '73
It is hosted on some one else's server so if link quits working notify me and I'll scan my book.

Cleveland History Articles
Note: Many of these Articles included are reprints of OLD magazine articles that are no longer available to purchase, I understand I have no rights to these articles, and it is a bit of a stretch to call them "Fair Use" It is not my intention to violate copyright laws, but these articles are not available for sale, and the information within would otherwise be lost. Therefore any information is put forth is with it's source noted and for the general benefit of the community.

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