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393 Cleveland stroker
1973 Ford Ranchero GT
Jeff's 1973 Ford Ranchero GT
This 1973 Ford Ranchero GT, VIN 3A48Q197113 was originally a bright red, "Q-code" 351Cleveland-4V Cobra Jet/C6 car.
I repainted the car in March 2010, "Prophet Orange" in base/clear coat.
completed long block, ready for transmission

March 2012: 393 Clevland stroker: Bottom end: I used a 351C-2V block, 2 bolt mains with ARP studs, line-honed, decked & bored 0.030" over, 3.850" stroke cast steel Scat crank, Scat I-beam rods w/ARP bolts, Probe forged pistons w/lite weight, thin-wall cro-moly wrist pins, a Pioneer damper & B&M flexplate, all dynamically balanced; I installed a Moroso windage tray, a Melling stock volume oil pump with ARP cro-moly driveshaft, Melling oil tube pickup, and the oem stock 5 qt oil pan with home-made baffles; Moroso oil restrictors installed in main journals Cam: I'm currently running a custom Bullet hydraulic flat-tappet cam using lobe #HF277/335 with .580/.580" lift and 277/277' advertised duration (228'/228 @ 0.050"), 115' LSA, 47' overlap; I'm using mostly Comp Cams parts including Comp Ultra Pro Magnum 1.72:1 roller rockers, Comp #26918 Beehive springs with steel retainers & 7' locks, guideplates & 5/16" Comp pushrods and a Cloyes double roller timing chain set. Top End: I used Ford 4V iron closed chamber heads; I added stainless steel Manley 2.19 intake & 1.72 exhaust valves and a three-angle valve job, bronze quides, hardened exhaust seats, machined for guide plates & 7/16" studs, and teflon valve seals, and decked them enough to straighten them out.; I cleaned up the ports and the bowl area below the valves and around the valve guide boss, and installed them with Fel Pro gaskets and ARP head studs. Intake/Exhaust, etc: I installed an Edelbrock RPM AirGap dual plane intake and a Demon Speed 750 4 barrel with vaccum secondaries & a 13" open air cleaner; The exhaust manifolds are Hooker Comp headers, dumping into a 2 1/2" dual exhaust system with Magnaflow X-pipe and Magnaflow mufflers & exiting behind the rear wheels; I used a Ford single point distributor and installed a Pertronix III digital ignition module, then recurved it with new springs; a Pertronix hi-voltage coil, 7mm Motorcraft wires and Motorcraft #24 spark plugs round out the ignition system; All Fel Pro gaskets and ARP 12 point fasteners; stock Ford oem water pump and 60 amp Motorcraft alternator, a Motorcraft 600 CCA battery & a Powermaster Hi Torq starter. I tried to maintain the "stock look" with no clues as to what was hiding under those old valve covers...

351 Cleveland 4V

BG 750 Speed Demon carb

I'm currently running a Barry Grant 750 Speed Demon, with vacuum secondaries and an electric choke.

Rocker arms

All Comp Cams valvetrain including springs, 7' steel retainers & locks, Ultra Pro Magnum 1.72:1 roller rockers, 5/16" guideplates and Magnum pushrods

date code on block

This is the casting number and date code on the 351C-2V block I used.

Block prepped for new heads

The Probe forged dished pistons, cleaned and new FelPro #1013 head gaskets have been installed, ready for the heads.

4V cylinder heads being installed

The 4V heads {casting code D1AE-GA & date code 0F6, built on 06 June 1970} have been installed; priming the oil system and checking oil flow through the new oil-restricting pushrods.

4V heads, RPM AirGap, Demon carb installed

The 750 Demon Speed carb, oem distributor with Pertronix III internals, oem valve covers and reproduction hoses have been installed.

Hooker Comp header installation

Hooker Comp #6915 headers have been installed.

Tech Inspection

Waiting in line for tech inspection, Mission Raceway, Aug 6, 2010.

Dragstrip photo, Sept 2009

My best drag strip time has been 14.5 @ 93 mph last summer; the car weighs 4300 pounds with me in it; I've just changed rear gear ratios (3.00 up to 3.70's), and the convertor stalls at 3500 rpm now with the new heads and headers, so these numbers should improve substantially.
My 60' times are pretty slow, 2.171; due to the small street radials (255/35-20) it's difficult to get off the line without smoking the tires.

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