Earl's 1972 Montego GT CJ

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1972 Mercury Montego GT
I purchased this car in April of 02 aproximately 60 miles from my home in Michigan. It had 68,000 miles showing on the odometer, and had spent it's entire life in southern lower Michigan. The picture below shows what it looked like shortly after I bought it

April 02

Within 2 months of buying it I replaced the 14 inch BFG's and Cragar SS's with 15 inch repro Magnum 500's and "H" speed rated Michelin X One's. About a month after that the camshaft broke right in front of the #2 journal. I spent the next 6 weeks removing the engine and freshening it up. After another month of driving it, I removed all the trim, including the bumpers and windshield, and turned it over to an experienced body and paint tech for a repair and repaint.
The pic below shows the results of his excellent work.



My Montego has the 351CJ with a column shifted C6 driving a 3.50:1 TractionLoc axle.
It's not my first Ford or Cleveland, but it's my favorite, and I love driving it.

Well I sold it. Hope I dont end up regretting it, but I got a good price and the new owner will do even better
things with it. I'll now be looking for a new Cleveland ride.

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