351C Intake on 351M/400 study

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351C Intake on 351M/400
a quick study on intake spacers
text and photos -blizzard

I was once considering making my own spacers to correctly align a 4V intake on my 400 block using 4V heads, it seemed easy, folks sell spacers all the time, what I found out though was you need a much thicker spacer then the 7/8" spacers you could by from Weiand.

Ford single plane intakeD1ZX-9424-FA, Roush stuffers
Weiand spacer, .88' thick with a Weiand end gasket of .42"

351C Intake on 351M/400 study - Clevelands Forever!

Intake used Ford singleplane D1ZX-9424-FA, Roush stuffers and a
new home built spacer, 1.50" thick with a end gasket spacer of 1.25"

351C Intake on 351M/400 study - Clevelands Forever!

I found that the with added height of the 1.25 end gasket atop the allready 1" higher block,my carb would hit my Cobra hood even without a air cleaner. Thus the 400 FMX block wound up in the wife's Bronco.

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